Home Staging Tips

If you want extra information on home staging to sell your property quickly in Flowery Branch, Georgia, contact JG Atlanta Properties, LLC. and I'll clue you in to the fastest ways to sell your home.

Sell quickly in Flowery Branch with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - (770) 708-3308 As you are placing your home on the market, consider a surefire way to sell your house: well-planned home staging. Some advantages to home staging include less time on the market and higher bids. If your goal is to sell your home quickly, choose a well thought out approach to home staging.

Home staging is part of preparing your home for an Open House. Staging centers on on your home's presentation to buyers and buyers' agents while highlighting the characteristics of your home with strategically placed furniture and decorations so that your home appears more open and buyers can imagine their lives in your home.

Prepping your property for an Open House doesn't have to be a problem. Instead it can be a fun and creative task. Together, we'll work to get a high bid for your property. So, for fewer days on the market in Flowery Branch, try these interior staging tips:

Curb Appeal Checklist

Start with the exterior of your home, or your curb appeal. Inspect the outside of your house from a street view. What jumps out at you? What wonderful features seem waiting to be noticed?Knowing this helps us to decide what we can do to draw buyers from the street and into your home. If your home's exterior isn't inviting with retouched paint and bright garden plants it's time to get those things done. Follow the Curb Appeal Checklist and add dollars to your home's final selling price.

Welcome Home Checklist

Sell quickly in Flowery Branch with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - (770) 708-3308 Does your home seem to say, "Hello From Your New Welcome Home" to a buyer? Looking through your house with a critical eye, I'll suggest arrangements that enhance market appeal. I'll tell you reduce the effect of items that give the illusion of clutter. Table and counter tops should be free and clear. Kitschy sculptures, souvenirs, family photos, and refrigerator artwork should get stored away too. You need to "de-personalize" the house so buyers can picture it as their new home.

I'll look over each room of your home. Areas that directly impact your dollars include fixable like pieces of furniture that should be rearranged, rooms that need fresh paint, carpet that needs to be replaced, fixtures that need shining, and windows that need cleaning.

With me by your side, you'll know that your home is likable and that it's comfortable, avoiding "loud" or "can't-work-with" hues on the walls and furniture. And if the house is vacant, you can think about renting furnishings. You want your home to look homey as opposed to bare and uninhabited.

Setting the Stage

I'll tell you when to show your home, because all of the improvements mesh together to paint a picture of what buyers can envision after they close on your house. Dark rooms can be a real mood killer, so we'll do things like draw back curtains and add lighting where needed to welcome the buyer. Together we'll enhance the air of the house with enjoyable music playing softly and ensure a nice fragrance flows from every area. We'll include cozy-looking bedspreads, and pillows on your sofa and bedding. Buyers should feel like your current house is their future home.